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Individualized Run Coaching

Aaron is the only RRCA certified run coach in the area.  We offer several options to meet your running or exercise goals.  First, you will be given an extensive questionnaire and we will tailor your training to your specific goals, needs, and schedule.  We provide free access to our mobile and online training platform, Final Surge.  Your week will be planned and adjustments will be made according to your schedule, phase of training, and goals.  Then, when you are finished with your run or workout, it will sync automatically with Final Surge and Aaron will recieve a notification and details about the session.  He will then comment or adjust your training as necessary to best meet your goals and prevent over or under training.  Since he is a physical therapist, any injuries will be addressed and run sessions will be tailored specifically for you.  

Have you been running for years and your progress has plateaued?

Are you a busy professional with limited training time?

Did you set a New Years resolution to be more active and lose weight? 

Are you constantly injured? 

Have you been running in the middle of the pack, but want to breakthrough and possibly place at the top of your age group? 

If you anwered yes to any of these questions, then FPT Run Coaching is for you. 

Aaron has been competing in triathlons for over 13 years and completed the Ironman Triathlon, 8+ Ironman 70.3 triathlons including the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, over 60 triathlons, and multiple running races including a sub-3 hour Boston Marathon.  He has managed to continue to be competitive in triathlon while running a business full-time and being active with his 3 young children.  

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Want Some Help?